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What Are Fragrances?

Fragrances are complex mixtures of what people in the industry refer to as raw materials. These raw materials can be extracts from natural sources or synthetic raw materials.

Oils are dissolved in a solvent (usually alcohol), to preserve a pleasant concoction of scents. The higher the concentration of oils – the greater the strength of the fragrance. The strength determines how long an application of the fragrance lasts on your skin.

Can A Perfume Fragrance Turn Men and Women On?

A big question that runs on everyone mind. Why wouldn’t it?

Being able to attract the opposite s*x is a sign of dominance, acceptance and male authority that runs deep within the male psyche. Women are human beings and Mother Nature’s laws of attraction works for them equally as much as it does for men.Now you have visited every high end branded perfume retailer, to absolute no avail. Time’s short and you wish to seduce the women of your dreams, through an overwhelmingly luscious and delectable fragrance. Have we combined the list for you, featuring the best perfume for men that you can wear to mark your bold entrance.

10 Colognes Women LOVE On A Man | Best Fragrances For Men

Quick question…

How long does it take to become more attractive?

5 seconds…


Spraying on cologne.

It’s incredibly undervalued.

Most men use deodorant because they don’t want to smell bad…

but they don’t even think about smelling good.

Research studies have shown that women rate a man’s smell (or scent) as the #1 factor when it comes to selecting a potential partner.

Men are visual and women are… driven by their senses.

But you fragrances for women have fragrances for men to be careful.

Some fragrances can offend, irritate allergies, or annoy people.

We did the research and picked out the top 10 colognes that have the ability to drive a woman wild.

I know what you’re thinking. “10 fragrances?! I don’t have the money to try all of these. How can I test them out first to find the one I like?” That’s where Scentbird comes in. You can test over 150 designer and niche fragrances for less than a gym membership. Find the most attractive cologne at an affordable price.

First, An Introduction To Fragrance

Parfum: This is the most concentrated and expensive of all fragrance options. The scent is composed of 20-30% pure perfume essence and a single application can last an entire day.

EDT (Eau de Toilette): A lighter composition with 5% – 15% pure perfume essence dissolved in alcohol which typically lasts for a few hours.

Cologne (Eau de Cologne): A generic term used in reference to masculine scents. These fragrances for men sprays are typically composed of 2% – 4% perfume oils in alcohol and water and usually last for about 2 hours.

Sillage: The degree to which a perfume’s fragrance lingers in the air when worn.

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