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Can't Take My Eyes Off You Music Video - J. Lee x Marelle

Can't Take My Eyes Off You Music Video - J. Lee x Marelle is one of song topping the charts. From the time it hit the airwaves up until the present, the song is still widely used on wedding receptions because of the romantic message it conveys.

The reason why this pop song is so popular on wedding events is because the lyrics video says it all. It best describes what love song truly is - unpretentious, and real in spite pop songs of flaws. If you look at the lyrics closely, you would actually see that it's a marriage vow. A vow to "take the good times and take the bad times" and "will not leave each other in times of trouble". It also tells the other person that he or she doesn't have to impress his or her partner. Simplicity and honesty is the key to a successful marriage.

Can't Take My Eyes Off You are also popular music among couples who are renewing their vows as husband and wife. I particularly like to see married couples dancing when the song is played because that's when it becomes evident that in spite of so many years of marriage, and in spite of the each other flaws these couple still loves each other.

Can't Take My Eyes Off You is no doubt one of my favorites and is definitely on top of my list when it comes to picking out the right best love song.