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Exploring Taste Magazine - Wine, Food & Lifestyle

Telling about wine, where and how it is born, but above all what it represents: history, Italian culture, but also our taste in living, that life-style that the whole world envies us. And to tell all this starting from the great experience of Santa Margherita that those values ​​spread from just over eighty years.

This is the mission of the "Exploring Taste" magazine - published by our Viniculture Group - which has recently also been available online at The magazine, in its traditional, paper lifestyle magazine version, was launched this spring.

Now, it has also become available to the wider public of the web through a re-edition of its contents lifestyle magazine ranging from the precious personal memory of Enge Hemingway written by Inge Feltrinelli to the story of some of the emerging squares of the world where people, styles, lifestyles in a fusion that anticipates what will become the "united" world of the coming decades.

And again, from the protagonists of Italian and international cuisine to the farmers who work day by day to give us their best grapes; from our history to the new features of Italian style. A new, different way of opening up and telling us to the public and, together, talking about wine: that great hallmark of our culture that through the generations gives us the joy of living.