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Kids Can Learn Spanishby: Frank Gerace. . . .

Although most of us agree that it is a good thing for our kids to speak Spanish, most kids in the US whose parents were born in Latin American countries do not speak Spanish well. com/comoeng. . and she keeps them warmn .

But it is most important for you to get your kids reading Spanish BEFORE they learn to read in English. They will absorb it on the playground and in the school. However, why not try to expose them to the correct values of the Spanish sounds. A list of links to related sites will lead you to other resources. The Alphabet: If your child is coming up on kindergarten age, you have a Lil pump wonderful opportunity to teach him or her how to read in Spanish BEFORE they learn the alphabet in English! Why? I will be brief, hoping that you will catch the direction of my thought (and my practice, with both my children and my grandson!) .

Translation: . . is doubtless due in part to the overestimation which the school places upon speaking English. Computer Programs for kids If you or your child is computer savvy or if you want to combine math or science with Spanish you may want to check out the Educational Software for Children in Spanish: Reader Rabbit, Disney, Jump Start and many more.

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